Consequences what happens when America's richest programmer bill gates reviews Ezra Vogel- Asia-America's kindest connector.
.. Macraes' last 100 trips to Asia - they started with dad Norman Macrae teen serving in allied bomber command (today's Myanmar)-
The Economist became min diary of Norman Macrae's half century of asian trips from Myanmar 1943 on- we archive that at; connection of my 50 trips with 5 generations of my family in Asia only made full sense from 2001 and mostly
15 trips to Bangladesh thanks to interviews with Fazle Abed & friends 1 2 3 and young chinese scholars at his 80th birthday filled most gaps .. Asia trips 1 to 51 india -1-3 1984-2004; indonesia 4-7 (1982-1994) ; singapore 8-10 (1982-1992) japan (11-17) 1985-2013; thailand (18.19) 1984-1995 ; malaysia (20-21) ; 1993 korea (22-23); 1990-2017 bangladesh (24-39) 2007-2018;
dubai (40,41) 2015,6; qatar(42) 2017; china (43-50) 2016-2019 hong kong 51 (1996) like 7 members of my scotttish family tree i have enjoyed the huge privilege of learning more about advancing the human lot from the two thirds who are asian than my own race caucasian
...united ; ASIA/MIDDLE EAST: Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh & women, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Cyprus, Georgia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, North Korea, South Korea, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Lebanon/yemen, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, Myanmar (Burma), Nepal, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore-Asean, Sri Lanka, Syria, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Turkey, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, -eurasia, Russia- we list twice because most of its land is in asia but traditionally its capital and history is categorised as european....Mapping livelihood economics of two thirds of humans- in 1983 london scot james wilson started the economist as a newsletter of royal societies chattering classes- his initial goal ro end poverty and starv=ation in scotland and nearest islands london ruled over- 17 years later queen victoria sent wilson to calcutta with charter bank to end poverty wherever britain ruled over asia; sadly james died 9 months after landing of diarrhea; it took another 120 years before bangladesh, china and unicef taught every village mother how to cure diarrhea with a recipe of water sugar and salts; from this first open source health service, a billion women across the continent spent 1970-2020 ending extreme poverty - with the help of universities who knew fazle abed vest, at we track how/why the world used bangladesh as its lab for solutions that worked without access to electricity or any of the engineering that glasgow gave to the world from 1760; some people ask what happened to the economist mission- you can read 2nd editor walter bagehot's attempts to help victoria journey to commowealth at the english constituition; but progress was to slow to prevent the colonial eara where whites 15% designed world trade to exclude most of human development in the economist's 1943 centenary biography; at that tie my dad was teenage navigator in alied bomber command stationed in modrnday myanma; the east end of the bay of bengal opposite to calcutta's west end; what happened next to bay of bengal - yuo'd thnk kamala harris and berkeley let alone howard alumni would urgenrly follow coming from her mothers'schennai- in a hasty retreat from responsibility anywhere the british raj had rlued -india eas partioned; calcutta the superport of asoa's 19th century was assigned to india; the rest of the bay was given to pakistan to rule; it took 24 years for bangladeshi people to win back indepenence now the 8th most populous nation with less than zero capital; my father norman macrae mapped varios asian economic models from 1962 when he first surveyed hs war time foe japan - he named the model poorest villagers would need to network rural kensianism; while he named the win-win supercity/port model of tokyo capital belt roadtsrs; for the next 30 years those who saw the economist as the first viewspaper for debating globalisation exponentials were trewed to regular updates on every asian peoples progess or not in sharing these new economic modelsSustainability's last chance decade: Feb 2021 37th annual update- - thanks to hard work of asian motherhood, one billion asians have ended extreme poverty in the last 40 years - research shows human development's greatest lesson is not yet a curriculum in any western university -can you help change economists before year end summits in Glasgow 1 2 & Dubai -try applying Economist alphabet Ai Bank Child Diary Edu Food Green Health Inclusion scottish family's concern for development of two thirds of humans who are Asian goes bac 150+ years to founding of the pharmacy kemp's corner in mumbai to grandad's sir kenneth kemp's 25 years of mediation with gandhi leading to sir ken's last project wrining up the legalese of india's independence to my father's 40 years reporting asia's sustainability entrepreneurial revolution in The Economist; to his last article 20 years later on lessons from bangladesh needed to rectify the west's subprime disaster: japan's ambassador to dhaka helped aspiring youth journalists and others listen to sir fazle abed legacy debriefs - see our catalogue offering the most vital alumni networks youth can linkin if they are to celebrate being the first sustainability generation REFERENCES UN ENVOY EDUCATION -asia has proven to be greates champion of former uk prime minister Gordon brown -10 years un envoy edu links include A 1 2 lots of moving parts - some are very radical empowering new universities and apprenticeships - I have been tracking the for 5 years since being at un launch 2016 - can try and help with queries - if real summits return end 2021 hope to unite updates cop26 nov Glasgow and worlds largest edu summit allied to uae expo dec -meanwhile zooms can make connections

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nef2010 About Feature Jiangsu Changming Education Foundation is a foundation specializing in public welfare education and teaching assistance services established by "Jiangsu Education Development" as a starting point to advocate and promote the reform and development of China's education. It is an exclusive charity foundation for the private education reform action "New Education Experiment" initiated by Professor Zhu Yongxin, the vice chairman of the Democratic Progressive Central Committee. 1 Image Forum Features Image Image Multidimensional Focus on "school governance", review the value of the school, lead the principal's professional growth, analyze school management cases, start co-creation projects, and read classic works. Image Crossover Fan Deng, Nie Shengzhe, Wu Zhixiang, Bu Jiang and many other well-known entrepreneurs who are closely related to education are invited to join everyone in the education circle to look at education and out of school to look at management. Image Speculative Standing in a new era that is undergoing great changes in history, looking back at a century of school management, looking forward to the future school form, analyzing actual campus cases, talking about the integrity and innovation in school management, and continuing the past and the future. Image Co-create Launched the key research project of the School Management Institute in the "post-epidemic period": "Cloud Co-Creation" school. Based on the 20-year accumulation of new education, we will join hands with the "2029 School" to create an action to help improve the quality of a school as a whole. More guests sponsored "mystery prizes" Open "Surprise Moments" for you All rewards are for support You with light in your eyes Image 2 Image Originator Image Sponsor New Education Research Institute, New Education Foundation Co-organizer New Education School Management Research Institute, Xiao Chalkboard Think Tank, Haimen New Education and Training Center, Fan Deng Reading Co-organizer Mutual Plus Plan, Mirage Culture, New School Year Education, Questioning Education, "2029 School" Co-creation Action Image 3 Image Participants & online platforms Image Live broadcast platform CCTalk Participants: 1. Primary and secondary school principals, vice principals, middle-level and other school administrators; 2. Leaders of the education management department and related managers; 3. Other educators, normal students, parents and other personnel are also welcome to participate. Live broadcast platform: See the end of the article for CCTalk, classroom number and specific login method Image 4 Image Special Guest Image Special Guest August 17 (The following are listed in the order of appearance in the forum) Image Zhu Yongxin ■ CPPCC Standing Committee Member and Deputy Secretary-General ■ Vice Chairman of the China Democratic Progressive Central Committee ■ Initiator of New Educational Experiment Image Xu Xinhai ■ Chairman of the New Education Council ■ Director of Haimen Education Bureau, Nantong, Jiangsu Image Lu Zhiwen ■ Chairman of the New Education Foundation ■ President of Xiangyu Education Group Image Gu Yuan ■ Founder of Aha Social Innovation Institute ■ Co-founder of Archipelago Education Innovation Accelerator Image Xiong Bingqi ■ Famous educational scholars ■ Deputy Dean of the 21st Century Education Research Institute Image Fan Deng ■ Fan Deng Reading Promoter ■ Former CCTV host ■ Professor of Xi'an Jiaotong University Image Wu Zhixiang ■ Founder of Tongcheng Travel ■ Vice Chairman of Jiangsu Federation of Industry and Commerce (part-time) Image Nie Shengzhe ■ Founder of Desheng Management System ■ Vice President of China Tao Xingzhi Research Association ■ Chairman of Changjiang Civilian Education Foundation Image Bu Jiang ■ Founder and Chairman of Xiao Blackboard ■ Distinguished Professor of Nanjing Normal University Image Zhang Jurong ■The Chief Principal of Jiangsu Wujiang Experimental Primary School Education Group Image Li Zewu ■ Chengdu Waldorf School Chief Principal ■ The first Waldorf teacher in China ■ Chairman of Guangdong Shanhaiyuan Charity Foundation Image Feng Chen ■ Primary and junior high school principals of Hangzhou Yungu School Image Qiu Huaguo ■ Executive Director of New Education School Management Research Institute ■ Initiator of Suzhou Banshufang Image Li Yong ■ Ask to the Chairman of Education ■ Former principal of Chengdu Tonghui International School "School 2029" co-creation action jointly initiated a team of principals Image The above picture from top left to bottom right is: Qiu Huaguo, Wu Hong, Hua Jie, Xu Qing, Tang Xiaoyong, Luo Chaoxuan, Xu Yanjuan, Liu Lan, Li Yupei Special Guest August 18 Swipe up and down Image Image Zhang Ping ■ Director of the Education Bureau of Tianqiao District, Jinan, Shandong Image Song Tie ■ Director of the Education Bureau of Bayannur City, Inner Mongolia Image Xu Hong ■ 江苏省新沂市教育局副局长 Image 樊青芳 ■ 邢台市信都区教育局副局长 ■ 2016年度全国推动阅读十大人物 Image 林忠玲 ■ 新教育研究中心副主任 ■ 原江苏姜堰教育局副局长 ■ 2019年新教育年度人物 Image 刘猛 ■ 江苏理工学院教授 ■ 教育社会学博士 Image 王胜 ■ 教育哲学博士 ■ 新教育基金会理事 ■美醍思文化负责人 Image 卢锋 ■ 教育哲学博士 ■ 新生命教育研究所副所长 Image 杨斌 ■ 江苏省语文特级教师 ■ 苏州大学兼职硕导 Image 江峰 ■ 南京晓庄学院教育学教授 Image 徐青 ■ 新教育学校管理研究所副所长 Image 仇丽君 ■ 江苏南通海门新教育小学校长 ■ 全国新教育2017年度智慧校长 Image 徐锡华 ■ 北京实验学校教育集团副校长 ■ 特级教师 Image 江世兵 ■ 广东喜耀粤西学校执行校长 Image 马东 ■ 西安高新四小校长 ■ 全国新教育实验2017年度智慧校长 Image 邱常培 ■ 重庆城口县教委副主任 ■ Principal of Chongqing Chengkou Fuxing Primary School Image Zhu Lei ■ Principal of Red Star Primary School, Qiaoxi District, Shijiazhuang Image Wang Cuifang ■The principal of Xingtai New Education First Experimental Primary School Image 5 Image Forum agenda Image August 17 (Monday) 9 : 00 - 11:30 Opening Ceremony & Panel One: The New Era and the "New Management" of the School _ Opening Ceremony Host: Xu Xinhai 1. Special address: Zhu Yongxin 2. Special release Panel One Moderator: Qiu Huaguo Lu Zhiwen: "Management Evolution and School Reform" Gu Yuan: "Is the "Blue School" possible? 》 Xiong Bingqi: "Management Boundary between the Government and Schools" 12:00 - 14:00 Section 2: Cloud Companion Reading at Noon (School Management) _ Panel Two Moderator: Lu Feng Companion guest Liu Meng : "Reading Suggestions for School Administrators" Companion guest Wang Sheng : "Management (13th Edition)" (Stephen Robbins) 14:00 - 17:30 Section 3: Entrepreneurs _ Panel Three Moderator: Lu Zhiwen Wu Zhixiang: "The "Enterprise Story" for the Principal" Fan Deng: "The "Complex" and "Simplicity" of Education" Nie Shengzhe: ""Feeding Education" and Educational Individual Management" Bu Jiang: ""New Infrastructure" and "New Management" of Schools" 19:00 - 21:00 Section 4: The Principal’s "Wisdom" and "Wisdom" _ Panel Four Moderator: Li Yong Li Zewu: "Chengdu Waldorf School: Run a Different School"; Zhang Jurong: "The "Virtual" and "Real" Ways of Running Schools in a Group"; Feng Chen: "Cloud Management" of Yungu School; The "2029 School" co-creation action jointly initiated a team of principals: "The "Cloud Co-creation" Case School Wisdom Record" August 18 (Tuesday) 9:00 - 12:00 Section Five: The director talks about the principal's "management" and "evaluation" _ Panel 5 Moderator: Lin Zhongling Zhang Ping: "Supporting the Development of Principals: Value Guidance and Mechanism Innovation" Song Tie: "Innovating Education Management Mechanism, Enhance Principals' Initiative Development Ability" Xu Hong: "Break the "self-loop" and run out of the "acceleration"" Fan Qingfang: " Strengthening the Big Pattern, Achieving Good Management" 12:00 - 13:30 Section 6: Cloud Companion Reading at Noon (general education) _ Panel Six Moderator: Lu Feng Guest guest Yang Bin: "Li Zehou and "The Analects of Confucius" Companion guest Jiang Feng: "On Education · Disciplinary Controversy" (Kant) 13:30 to 14:00 lunch break 14:00 - 17:00 Section Seven: The new education principal of "thinking" and "line" _ Panel 7 Moderator: Xu Qing Qiu Lijun: "Learning "Leaving the Desk and Chair" Xu Xihua: What are the characteristics of the school's "characteristic" development? 》 Jiang Shibing: "Tracing the Source" in "Opening a New Project " Ma Dong: "The Principal's "Slimming" Record" Qiu Changpei: " Sing a song "Yunshui Ballad" in 100 Days" Zhu Lei: "Human", "Emotion" and "Taste" in School Management" Wang Cuifang: "Principal: A Person Who Reads with Children" Closing of the forum Image 6 Image Participating Q&A Image 1. Do I need to pay for this forum? The forum adheres to the basic principles of public welfare-oriented and "to raise the meeting", and appropriate fees to ensure the sustainable development of activities. The public welfare price of this forum: 99 yuan/person; Price for a group of more than 5 people: 79 yuan/person; 2. Can I watch the replay of this forum? Participants can watch the recorded video at any time before September 30. 3. Can the relevant materials of the forum be obtained? Before the forum, welcome to add "Xin Yijun" personal WeChat account: nef2016, he will set up an exclusive group of forum participants before the start of the forum. After the forum, he will share the wonderful handouts of some guests in the group from time to time. Group entry requirements: Send a screenshot of successful payment to Xinyijun. 4. Can meeting notice documents be provided? Click here to download the notification file 5. How to register for the conference After the registration is successful, the participant link will be pushed to remind you to attend the conference on time. Personal registration QR code Image QR code for group registration Image Image 7 Image Registration Consultation Image Teacher Xu TEL: 18510003473 (same number on WeChat) Teacher Liu TEL: 18112586933 (same number on WeChat) -End- Image Image Follow us on the code Reviewer | Qiu Huaguo Copywriter | Tang Weinan Design and layout |Nebula Read more Modified on 2020/08/03 People who liked this content also liked Children's Beauty Education Class·Review of Bund Readers Bookstore Activities Chang Ming Education Foundation

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 Wednesday, 18 November

XX11:40AM EST | 8:40AM PST | 4:40PM GMT | 12:40AM+1 SGT

Mr Tan Kok Yam is the Deputy Secretary for Smart Nation and Digital Government, in the Prime Minister’s Office. In this role, he is responsible for the plans to realise impactful projects for Smart Nation, raise quality and inter-operability of Government IT and Smart systems, grow ICT-related capabilities for Government, and engage citizens and businesses to be part of the Smart Nation journey.

Mr Tan is also a Deputy Secretary in Strategy Group and oversees issues related to data, technology and climate change.

Prior to his current post, Mr Tan served in a number of other Ministries within the Singapore Public Service. As the Director of Manpower in the Ministry of Defence, he was in charge of both the human resource and national service policies of the Singapore Armed Forces. He also served previously in the Ministry of National Development and the Ministry of Education, dealing with public housing and higher education policies respectively.

Mr Tan is an engineer by training, having graduated from the University College London in 1997 with a Bachelor in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and a Master of Science in Telecommunications. He also completed the 1-year Sloan Program at the Stanford Graduate School of Business as a Fulbright Scholar.

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 You are most warmly invited to attend the launch of Global Dream Shaala, an initiative of DEVI Sansthan in collaboration with SBI Life. Global Dream Shaala is being launched on Human Rights Day, on Thursday, 10 December 2020 at 12 noon, and will be inaugurated by Lucknow’s Mayor, honorable Mrs. Sanyukta Bhatia.

The purpose of Global Dream Shaala is to educate out-of-school children and adults who are illiterate. Global Dream Shaala uses the unique Global Dream Toolkits as basis that takes a person from being illiterate to literate within two months with just 15 to 30 minute sessions per day. This is ten times faster than other alternatives. The digital version of the Global Dream Toolkit uses video based instruction and involves community based volunteers who are often themselves illiterate, but whose primary role is to motivate the learners and support them. In this process, they too become literate. Beyond literacy, the program takes learning of the children to Grade 3 and 5 levels, and beyond. This zero-cost model shortly will be made ready for scaling up from Lucknow to across the State of Uttar Pradesh and beyond. 

Dr. Sunita Gandhi, Founder, DEVI Sansthan and Global Education & Training Institute, Ph.D., Cambridge University, UK, and pedigree Educator says: "Something has to done given COVID has set back the education of children nationwide. Personalized and accelerated learning systems that deliver on education through a fast-tracked motivational program such as Global Dream seem the most appropriate way forward."

Attend the launch ceremony on the following link, or watch on Facebook:

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india and

Dear christopher,
The United States is changing course. Vibhav Kant Upadhyay has been working on another course correction for two decades.

From Japan, Vibhav structured investments totaling over $100 billion for India. The Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor will produce $1 Trillion of economic activity using less than 1/4th the energy and environmental resources.

Press ReleaseSource:Global Partnership SummitCategory:GeneralFirst-time Ever in India: The Global Partnership Summit 2017 07/12/2017 First-time Ever in India: The Global Partnership Summit 2017 A unique initiative by ICF to bring together Global Partners for re-define and re-establishing the development models for India, Japan and other countries New Delhi, Delhi, India (NewsVoir) December 7, 2017 -- India Center Foundation (ICF), a not for profit and non-governmental organisation, which has been working for over two decades towards nation’s socio-economic development, brings to India for the first-time ever, The Global Partnership Summit (GPS) 2017 which is scheduled to be held at Aerocity, New Delhi from 11th to 14th December 2017. The GPS will focus on clean energy, healthcare, infrastructure & logistics, energy, tourism, art and culture, agro economy, banking and finance, education and skill development and information communication technology. The visionary behind the initiative is Mr. Vibhav Kant Upadhyay who has been at the forefront of many key development initiatives in the past two decades. He is also the Founder Chairman, GPS which is evolved from the successful - India-Japan Global Partnership (IJGP) Initiative. Inspired by Japan’s process of successful nation building, India Center Foundation believes, a global partnership between India and Japan is not only of mutual national interests but will contribute to the rest of the world. GPS 2017, will witness the presence of 3000 delegates and over 200 speakers participating, including prominent business leader, policy makers, think tanks, social change makers, youth leaders, influencers and academicians. This year’s summit is expected to lay the foundation for a long term mutually beneficial dialogue on key issues affecting the world as whole. The event GPS 2017 is lead by Global Chairman Hon. Toshihiro Nikai, Founder Chairman, Mr. Vibhav Kant Upadhyay with co-chairmen Dr. Subhash Chandra and Dr. Subramaniam Swamy. Eminent dignitaries and policy makers from India, speaking at the event include Shri. Nitin Gadkari, Hon. Minister for Road Transport & Highway, Shri. Gajendra Singh Sekhawat, Hon. Minister of State, Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Hon. Minister at Ministry of Science & Technology, Environment, Forest & Climate Change and Earth Sciences, Shri. J. P. Nadda, Hon. Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Shri. Alphons Joseph, Hon. Minister of Tourism, to name a few. Other distinguished Indian and Global leaders, speaking at the event include Mr. Masayoshi Son, Founder, Chairman & CEO, SoftBank Group Corp, Mr. Shervin Pishevar, Co-founder and Executive Chairman, Hyperloop One, Mr. Manoj Kohli, Chairman, Softbank Energy, Mr. James Scott Mccallum, Former Governor, Wisconsin, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Founder, Art of Living, Mr.Amitabh Kant, CEO & CEO, NITI Aayog, Nobel Laureate Kailash Satyarthi, children’s rights activist and Founder of Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation, Mr. Bhavish Aggarwal, Founder and CEO, Ola Cabs, Mr. Daisaku Kadokawa, Mayor, Kyoto City, Japan, to name a few, will also speak at the event. There will be around 40 sessions and about 10 plenary during the summit that will be focused towards devising efficient and sustainable measures for achieving the set goals. About Global Partnership Summit The Global Partnership Summit (GPS) has evolved from the India Japan Global Partnership (IJGP) initiative and is a platform to integrate ideologies, ideas, initiatives, projects, processes, people and policies. It allows for global partners to share knowledge, expertise and resources and work towards a common objective of establishing an Alternative Development Model (ADM) framework. Through core values such as co-operation, collaboration and inclusivity, GPS aims to establish, models of development that will focus on empowerment and sustainability. GPS intends to converge the needs of today into the viability of tomorrow, thus becoming a formidable platform to take forward the mission of an all-encompassing, holistic development framework. About ICF India Center Foundation (ICF) is a non-partisan and not-for-profit organization, instituted with a vision of contributing towards India’s nation building process by working as a CATALYST. Our mission is to help evolve thought processes and new models of socio-economic framework for India, by mapping the aspirations of this burgeoning nation to the availability of resources. The new framework thus evolved will be Energy efficient, Environmentally responsible and Sustainable and will also contribute towards empowering societies across the globe. (Attn.editors: The above press release comes to you under an arrangement with NewsVoir. PTI takes no editorial responsibility for the same). CONTACT: Media contact details:

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