asia trips 1 to 51 india 1-3 1984-2004; indonesia 4-7 (1982-1994) singapore 8-10 (1982-1992) japan (11-17) 1985-2013) thailand (18.19) 1984-1995 malaysia (20-21) 1993 korea (22-23) 1990-2017 bangladesh (24-39) 2007-2018, dubai (40,41) qatar(42) china (43-50) 2016-2019 hong kong 51 (1996) like 7 members of my scotttish family tree i have enjoyed the huge privilege of learning more about advancing the human lot from the two thirds who are asian than my own race caucasian
Sustainability's last chance decade: Feb 2021 37th annual update- - thanks to hard work of asian motherhood, one billion asians have ended extreme poverty in the last 40 years - research shows human development's greatest lesson is not yet a curriculum in any western university -can you help change economists before year end summits in Glasgow 1 2 & Dubai -try applying Economist alphabet Ai Bank Child Diary Edu Food Green Health Inclusion scottish family's concern for development of two thirds of humans who are Asian goes bac 150+ years to founding of the pharmacy kemp's corner in mumbai to grandad's sir kenneth kemp's 25 years of mediation with gandhi leading to sir ken's last project wrining up the legalese of india's independence to my father's 40 years reporting asia's sustainability entrepreneurial revolution in The Economist; to his last article 20 years later on lessons from bangladesh needed to rectify the west's subprime disaster: japan's ambassador to dhaka helped aspiring youth journalists and others listen to sir fazle abed legacy debriefs - see our catalogue offering the most vital alumni networks youth can linkin if they are to celebrate being the first sustainability generation REFERENCES UN ENVOY EDUCATION -asia has proven to be greates champion of former uk prime minister Gordon brown -10 years un envoy edu links include A 1 2 lots of moving parts - some are very radical empowering new universities and apprenticeships - I have been tracking the for 5 years since being at un launch 2016 - can try and help with queries - if real summits return end 2021 hope to unite updates cop26 nov Glasgow and worlds largest edu summit allied to uae expo dec -meanwhile zooms can make connections
...ASIA/MIDDLE EAST: Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh & women, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Cyprus, Georgia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, North Korea, South Korea, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Lebanon/yemen, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, Myanmar (Burma), Nepal, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore-Asean, Sri Lanka, Syria, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Turkey, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, -eurasia, Russia- we list twice because most of its land is in asia but traditionally its capital and history is categorised as european.... livesmatter & entrepreneurialrevolution mapmaking 1 2 quiz - start at the pakistan port of gwadar and move east along the coastal belt of asia; the coastline will take you from lat 20 down to the equator twice before turning north at sinpapore continue up and up past asean south east rising suns, around china , korea, south, now its getting icy cold at north korea and russias extreme north east which starts to turn west at the bering st having reached within 50 miles of alaska and the start of america's western coastal belt; more than half the world's peoples lives-continental asians - depend on worldwide trade access to the coastal belt between pakistan and south korea but from 1760 when britannia had firstcomers adavantage with machines almost that whole region got increasingly colonised for london capitalists to win and other peoples lives including slaves to lose -infrastructures such as electricity grids and running water were never piped into the continent only the places the brits inhabited to divide and conquer- -this was a root cause of 2 world wars with 20th c japan joining in empiring other the asian continent from the east- above all else the birth of the united nations san fran opera house 1945 needed to help nations that had been trapped by empire regain independence through win-win trading opportunities- 4 "vest"solutions started to emerge by the tokyo olympics 1964 prince charles japan royal family, tech leaders like sony agreed these technologies starting with american demings engineering and american borlaugs rice science could develop all of asia out of poverty and to being as great a place for next baby girls to be born in 21st c as anywhere else- sadly jf kennedy was assassinated a year earlier- american politicns and professions to the biggest organisations never fully understood that america having saved the old world twice from wars, everyone could now empower asian girls and boys to community build and celbrate win-win from what alumni of gordon moore promised to be 100 times more tech ever decade to the 2020s- covid is what buckminster fuller called one of nature's final examinations of all of us- i am confident american youth want to join in uniting the world but when it comes to americas political elders is it ignorance of mapping asia's diversity- if so let this blog help- or some in-built hatred rife among white supremacists with america's own peopl and fanned by dismal media to hate every skin color under the sun other than hitler's shade of white reporting on those who value youth most put of china .. korea .. japan.. hongkong bangladesh india UAE indonesia thailand malaysia singapore ...update from fall 2020 just outofbeltway USA, my experience is that there is no greater privilege in life than traveling and interviewing trusted young people about their hopes and fears -this experience comes from starting with an MA IN STATISTICS DAMPT CORPUS CHRISTI COLLEGE CAMBRIDGE 1973, DOING OPINION RESEARCH GEARED TO GLOBAL NEW PRODUCTS AND SOCIETAL TECH, as well as my diaspora scot family having kept journals or reported from asia for over 150 years- my mother was born in mumbai and 3 generations of her family were pharMacists eg kemps corner nurses of chief justices eg grandad sir ken whose last job was writing up legalese of india's independence after 25 years of listening to mumbai's other bar of london barrister- mahatma gandhi- my dads first job as teenager was in bomber command navigating over modernday myanmar/bangladesh- surviving his career at the economist tried to roll back poverty system london had trapped asians - two thirds of our species in- in 1962 he celebrate rise of his old enemy japan then all asian rising suns eg korea taiwan hk singapore then 1977 china mainand--i have been privileged to visit asia over 65 times -the first 40 times doing client work interviewin nations youth on their grreatest needs for transnational corporations and market sectors - the last 25 times escorting young journalists to bangladesh or china- this blog recreates a diary f what i have heard from youth on their greatest entrepreneurial challnges - i feature countries by date of first year visited- eg my diary of china visits started in 2016- notwithstanding hatred some english speaking people have caused recently -if you want to see the future happening china is an essential place to keep connecting- sadly usa with the exeption of a few colleges where entrepreneurialo freedom is just about alive- the only advantage of being a diaspora scot seems to me loving each others children- wanting the best not the worst of every community sustaining solution traveling round mothers nature with hi-trust young guides welcome - our latest update of aiib projects is july 2020- in human population terms the greatest education and innovation miracles needed to stem from asia-pacific -see rural keynesian mapmaking since 1977-

moores law has been multiplying 100 times more human connectivity per decade since moon landing- it was inevitable that by 2020s the east and west's greatest risks and need for solutions would be the same- in economic terms edutech needed to connect win-wins between youth of all hemispheres race to sdgs- you cant be 5g ai ed 5-sense cyber space interconnected and have some communities thriving and others collapsing- make an index of who was testing ready, what big data they can now ai analyse and the opposite league table- you may conclude that any millennial who wants to help the war on virus needs hitrust millennial friend across the far east islands of japan taiwan hk singapore the peninsular of south korea, mainland china , every border of china that wants data without fatal gaps

uman development economics- the economist mapped these between 1962 and 1978- then turned to educational and financial entrepreneurial revolution needed to win-wn worldwide if the post-industrial knowhow webbing planet was to huper connect millennials as the first sdg generation

quick country searches include korea ...
.....after world war 2 the main community resiliency needs were mappable across the continent of asia where over 60% of human beings lived without access to electricity grids because europes colonial empires led the island-led mernatike world uk pound economy had focused on mercantile trade- moreover the way the usa had developed across the continent was not replicable to asia- however asian development solutions might have some parallels for developing two more tenths of human beings living in africa and central and south america- we track 4 technology revolutions that grew
; deming inspired engineering, rural keynesianism beginning with borlaug crop science and barefoot medis, satellites space , telecoms and mobiles- and analytical digital capacity beginning with von neumann as father of programmable computing and promising 100 times moore analytical power per decade through moores law-whee and how did these force ,ultipliers map human development win-wins- and how did they intersect positively or negatively with macroeconomists who kept on perpetrating paper currencies dynamics of the pound and then its far bigger successor the dollar economy..... and welcome you to the hitchhikers guide to the oceans Belts and Continents railRoads/pipes/cables etc -bottom up solutions need replicating through communities as digital leapfrog collaboration permits what half a millennium og mercantile colonisation never could celebrate - health is the most fundamental service of girl empowerment communities - so special thanks from girls to health servants like Brilliant, Kim ,Sir Fazle and universal health id network of Nilekani.
UNwomens linkedin:..schools new curricula:2/5 of people live in china & how to share their sustainability solutions everywhere; 2/5 of world's land is in china and its north and north west-how do overland roads linking in sustainability; far more than 2/5 of world shipping trade revolves round coastal belt east of china- how will sustainbility world trade soures map- join us at next week long retreat BRACinn Dhaka sept 30 to Oct 6. Special thanks to and for this special opportunity to celebrate year 50 of The Economist's Entrepreneurial Revolution - redesign every market's value chain to SME networks thrive by changing education until youth livelihoods match sustainability goals rising everywhere.
what can unicorn analysis tell us about whether investors and educators want youth to be the SDG generation?
related tour asia rising with nhk
GOAL 1 - ending poverty begins with ending the lottery- current odds about 1 in 4 - that the next girl born will have next to no chance of a decent livelihood- mostly this results from history's era of colonisation which spiralled over 5 centuries 16th to 20th as a few monetarily large nations (about tenth of peoples) decimated the economies of others; it wasn't really to 1972 that one of 10 most populated ex colonial nations bangladesh started today's benchmark solution to ending rural poverty- born as a new nation bangladesh had next to zero taxes to govern social solutions with but unlike other colonies its 2 most extraordinary economists went the villages to live and learn with the poor- and to see how partnering with foreign assistance bottom-up girl empowered communities could build - the greatest case of Entrepreneurial Revolution since journalist records began in 1968. Consider Bangladesh's grassroots networking involved 25 years of no electricity and no digital development follows by partnering tech companies with experiments since 1996 today economistpoverty benchmarks solutions at brac and bkash and since april 2018 chinese greatest fintech for small enterprise have joined in these partnerships so that sino-s asia is the space to celebrate girl empowerment and every extreme solution to goals 1 to 17 .. those who wish to end poverty in old cities of big nations might start linking ted leonsis 1 2 Asia's SDG advocates 1 2 hail from : India: Dia Mirza 1, Qatar Sheikha Moza 1, China Jack Ma, Iraq Murad

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a new starts today-  hoping that us new president admin biden/harris will lead world to understanding that education not economists builds nations across generations - great to see india first to come up to pitch of next 1461 days - 14th annual summit edleader.in updates nearly 100 year action learning curve of gandhi/montessori- education is how children can save world and community love builds nations

scotlands invitation - only once in a lifetime does a capital like glasgow get a chance to celebrate the world's youth and first sustainability generation - see you cop26 especially all youth day glasgow university union 6th november- we welcome ideas on linking in - idea 1 our journal will be in 10th year of celebrating how adam smith might well value the economic model of empowering billion poorest women as the first sustainable model of post covid lives and times leaping beyond the distrust multiplied by eras of colonial  to 1945 and post-colonial to 1/2/2021

coordinator sunita gandhi india/usa

international participants at india's edlead include

spain marta vernert, service learning amerucan international scxhool barcelona

usa ny javeed mirza convenor indian organisations in usa, Jon Bergmann founder www flipped classroom movement,    mary and james pearce mastertrainers geti, sovalda ma'ani lawyer and founder center for peace and global governance, nyc  Pandit Dasa wellbeing coach, teacher awardees : texas todd nesloney, Jennifer Nigh digital Learning A-Z, Thom Markham PBL global , Mariam Motamedi virtues coach, n.carolina Meg Hanshaw edsucation visionary

australia hazel tan monash university and former edutech officer singapore ministry education,Shan Ruprai, chairman austrailan institute of business development

singapore john yeo founder ed impact

south korea, rosalind sewo, director intl law dept of hwlp, west busan

samoa rasela tufue, associate professor, national university of samoa, Epnesa Esera education of university of samoa

belgium prof psychology and education vrije university, teachers without borders

bangladesh raoman smita, youth advocate asean youth icon 2019

afhganisan fatima haidari youth advocate

pakistan, Hina Adeeb Jawadni,, broadcast journalisr

bhutan, Tashi Chonjur, principal education officer , royal government of bhutan

nepal,Namita Ghimire asian woman icon awardee 2021

uk london   geeta kingdon chair education university college london,      eliabeth lucas, ,, andy harvey eal trainer, Neelam Parmar edtexch strategy, Dr James Shea education, university of berkshire

greece Evangelia Vasselikau educator  awardee

finland  Kirsti Lonka president teachers academy universtity of helsinki,   Mikko Korhonen education awardee, Irmeli Halinen former head curriculum development , finnish national agency of education, Marja-Leena Bilund teacher university of helsinki, Koivula Pirjo finnish national agency education

sweden Martin Richards cpcc teacher coach

indonesia Fadillah Mahilan Shelsa global law thinkers society

mexico, Ricardo Dominguez, pyp coordinator and quality systems

switzerland Dr Ruby Bakshi Khurdi emotional intelligence, 

iceland, Hanna Ragnarsdóttir, education professor university of iceland

kenya Charity Limboro professor tech in education, kenyatta university

new zealand, former english language professor, university of auckland

mauritius Ravin Souvendra Papiah , entrepreneur

kosovo, Enkeleda Lulaj, senator , university haxhi zeka 

sudan, Amel Salih Adam Mohamed, social worker and reformer

jordan/usa, Rana Dajani,Fullbright Fellow, Researcher, University of Iowa, Professor, Hashemite University

italy/portugal Meg Pagani, Forbes 30 under 30 Social Entrepreneur, Member, World Economic Forum's Global Shaper community

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About KAEC

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About KAEC

The Korean-American Educational Commission (KAEC) is a non-profit educational institution created and funded through a binational agreement between the governments of the Republic of Korea and the United States of America. Established to promote understanding and friendship between Koreans and Americans through educational and cultural exchange, KAEC aims to further the cause of world peace through its programs and the mutual understanding they create. KAEC’s primary responsibility is to administer the Fulbright Program of grants, hence it is known as the Fulbright Commission in Korea, or more simply as Fulbright Korea. KAEC additionally provides non-grant academic support services.

Globally, the Fulbright Program provides scholarships and grants to recipients who have applied for academic, research, and professional exchange opportunities in the United States and in its partner countries, such as Korea. The program’s purpose is to promote mutual understanding between the country the program is established in and the United States, and to foster future leaders and global citizens through cultural exchange, volunteerism, and the cooperation that comes from mutual respect for differing cultural values.

Worldwide, the Fulbright Program is administered by the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) under the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board (FFSB). Composed of recognized leaders in their respective fields, the 12 members of the FFSB are appointed by the President of the United States. The FFSB establishes and supervises the overarching policies, regulations, and management practices of the Fulbright Program, which is administered in approximately 160 countries around the world.

KAEC, as the Fulbright Commission in Korea, administers the Fulbright Program locally under the direction of 10 commission members from Korea and the United States. The Commission is headed by the U.S. Embassy in Seoul’s Minister-Counselor for Public Diplomacy who serves as Commission Chair by appointment of the U.S. Ambassador to South Korea, the honorary Commission Chair. In keeping with the binational agreement that established KAEC, and the binational funding that continues to support the Fulbright Program in Korea, the Commission includes at least two government officials from each country, with nominations for appointments made by the Ambassador on the American side and the Minister or Deputy Minister of Education on the Korean side. The remaining commission members are leaders in their respective fields with significant knowledge of U.S.-Korea relations.

Organizationally, the Commission sets policies, approves grant selections, and otherwise supervises the operations and budget of the Fulbright Program in Korea under the guidelines of the ECA and FFSB. The day-to-day operations of the Fulbright Program in Korea are carried out by a commission secretariat composed of Korean and American staff headed by an executive director. They work in close collaboration with both the Fulbright Commission in Korea and with the Institute of International Education (IIE) and Council for International Exchange of Scholars (CIES) in the U.S. for the successful implementation of the Fulbright Program in Korea.

In addition to administering Fulbright grants for Korean and American citizens, KAEC provides academic support services necessary to promote educational and cultural exchange. These include academic testing services, accreditation services for American higher education institutions, and advising services through EducationUSA. As an academic testing services provider for both general and accommodated tests, KAEC administers TOEFL, GRE, LSAT, ACT, and AP tests, many of which tests are held at the Fulbright Building in Seoul. KAEC also provides accreditation services for those who need verification in Korea of their schooling at an authorized American higher education institution. Additionally, in partnership with the U.S. Embassy in Seoul, KAEC also supports academic advisors at the Embassy’s EducationUSA Center. These advisors regularly assist students in exploring the requirements and opportunities for studying abroad in the U.S.

Commission Chair

Dr. Anneliese Reinemeyer

Dr. Anneliese Reinemeyer

Minister Counselor for Public Diplomacy

Anneliese Reinemeyer joined the Foreign Service in 2001 and has served as the Spokesperson at the U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince, Haiti; Public Affairs Officer at the U.S. Embassy in Amman, Jordan; the Cultural Affairs Officer at the U.S. Embassy in London, United Kingdom; Special Assistant to the Undersecretary of Political Affairs; and Deputy Director of the Office of Public Diplomacy in the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs. Anneliese also served at the U.S. Consulate General in Jerusalem and in the Office for UN Political Affairs. A native of Houston, Texas, Anneliese holds a BA from Washington University in St. Louis and a MA and Ph.D. from Texas A&M in Political Science.

Commission Members


Ms. Soo-Jin Choi

Director of International Education Cooperation Division
Ministry of Education

Dr. Young Choi

Professor Emerita
Ewha Womans University

Ms. Pil-ho Kang

Director of UNESCO
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Dr. Seong Ho Lim

Professor of Political Science
Kyung Hee University

Dr. Keuk-Je Sung

Director General
ASEM-DUO Fellowship Secretariat


Mr. Eric Hoffman

CEO & Founder
Asia Risk & Insurance Advisors (ARIA)

Mr. Eric G. John

Boeing Korea

Mr. Jeffrey D. Jones

Attorney and Partner
Kim & Chang

Dr. Anneliese Reinemeyer

Minister Counselor for Public Diplomacy
U.S. Embassy Seoul

Mr. Aaron Taver

Cultural Attaché
Public Diplomacy Section, U.S. Embassy Seoul

KAEC Secretariat Leadership

Dr. Byungok Kwon

Executive Director
Korean-American Educational Commission (KAEC)