Consequences what happens when America's richest programmer bill gates reviews Ezra Vogel- Asia-America's kindest connector.
.. Macraes' last 100 trips to Asia - they started with dad Norman Macrae teen serving in allied bomber command (today's Myanmar)-
The Economist became min diary of Norman Macrae's half century of asian trips from Myanmar 1943 on- we archive that at; connection of my 50 trips with 5 generations of my family in Asia only made full sense from 2001 and mostly
15 trips to Bangladesh thanks to interviews with Fazle Abed & friends 1 2 3 and young chinese scholars at his 80th birthday filled most gaps .. Asia trips 1 to 51 india -1-3 1984-2004; indonesia 4-7 (1982-1994) ; singapore 8-10 (1982-1992) japan (11-17) 1985-2013; thailand (18.19) 1984-1995 ; malaysia (20-21) ; 1993 korea (22-23); 1990-2017 bangladesh (24-39) 2007-2018;
dubai (40,41) 2015,6; qatar(42) 2017; china (43-50) 2016-2019 hong kong 51 (1996) like 7 members of my scotttish family tree i have enjoyed the huge privilege of learning more about advancing the human lot from the two thirds who are asian than my own race caucasian
...united ; ASIA/MIDDLE EAST: Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh & women, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Cyprus, Georgia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, North Korea, South Korea, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Lebanon/yemen, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, Myanmar (Burma), Nepal, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore-Asean, Sri Lanka, Syria, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Turkey, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, -eurasia, Russia- we list twice because most of its land is in asia but traditionally its capital and history is categorised as european....Mapping livelihood economics of two thirds of humans- in 1983 london scot james wilson started the economist as a newsletter of royal societies chattering classes- his initial goal ro end poverty and starv=ation in scotland and nearest islands london ruled over- 17 years later queen victoria sent wilson to calcutta with charter bank to end poverty wherever britain ruled over asia; sadly james died 9 months after landing of diarrhea; it took another 120 years before bangladesh, china and unicef taught every village mother how to cure diarrhea with a recipe of water sugar and salts; from this first open source health service, a billion women across the continent spent 1970-2020 ending extreme poverty - with the help of universities who knew fazle abed vest, at we track how/why the world used bangladesh as its lab for solutions that worked without access to electricity or any of the engineering that glasgow gave to the world from 1760; some people ask what happened to the economist mission- you can read 2nd editor walter bagehot's attempts to help victoria journey to commowealth at the english constituition; but progress was to slow to prevent the colonial eara where whites 15% designed world trade to exclude most of human development in the economist's 1943 centenary biography; at that tie my dad was teenage navigator in alied bomber command stationed in modrnday myanma; the east end of the bay of bengal opposite to calcutta's west end; what happened next to bay of bengal - yuo'd thnk kamala harris and berkeley let alone howard alumni would urgenrly follow coming from her mothers'schennai- in a hasty retreat from responsibility anywhere the british raj had rlued -india eas partioned; calcutta the superport of asoa's 19th century was assigned to india; the rest of the bay was given to pakistan to rule; it took 24 years for bangladeshi people to win back indepenence now the 8th most populous nation with less than zero capital; my father norman macrae mapped varios asian economic models from 1962 when he first surveyed hs war time foe japan - he named the model poorest villagers would need to network rural kensianism; while he named the win-win supercity/port model of tokyo capital belt roadtsrs; for the next 30 years those who saw the economist as the first viewspaper for debating globalisation exponentials were trewed to regular updates on every asian peoples progess or not in sharing these new economic modelsSustainability's last chance decade: Feb 2021 37th annual update- - thanks to hard work of asian motherhood, one billion asians have ended extreme poverty in the last 40 years - research shows human development's greatest lesson is not yet a curriculum in any western university -can you help change economists before year end summits in Glasgow 1 2 & Dubai -try applying Economist alphabet Ai Bank Child Diary Edu Food Green Health Inclusion scottish family's concern for development of two thirds of humans who are Asian goes bac 150+ years to founding of the pharmacy kemp's corner in mumbai to grandad's sir kenneth kemp's 25 years of mediation with gandhi leading to sir ken's last project wrining up the legalese of india's independence to my father's 40 years reporting asia's sustainability entrepreneurial revolution in The Economist; to his last article 20 years later on lessons from bangladesh needed to rectify the west's subprime disaster: japan's ambassador to dhaka helped aspiring youth journalists and others listen to sir fazle abed legacy debriefs - see our catalogue offering the most vital alumni networks youth can linkin if they are to celebrate being the first sustainability generation REFERENCES UN ENVOY EDUCATION -asia has proven to be greates champion of former uk prime minister Gordon brown -10 years un envoy edu links include A 1 2 lots of moving parts - some are very radical empowering new universities and apprenticeships - I have been tracking the for 5 years since being at un launch 2016 - can try and help with queries - if real summits return end 2021 hope to unite updates cop26 nov Glasgow and worlds largest edu summit allied to uae expo dec -meanwhile zooms can make connections

Sunday, December 31, 1995

If humans get to 2051,  i hope there will be smarter questions of what were the most powerful people in the world up to from 2001 in afghanistan peoples part of the world

I live within 30 mins red line from white empires number 1 house in dc

We are told by biden in 2021 nation building was not part of the 2 trillion dollars america spent on afghanistan

maybe i read the wrong history lessons book - i thought the main lesson during the 21 years between the 2 world wars was: you could defeat an evil or historically lost place leader but in that case you had to give the peoples a chance to put their country back together again particularly leveraging next innovation opportunities as goodness me exponential change is what made 20th c different from the past and according to future historians i have read through most of my life make 2020s sustainability's last chance- see eg my father's biography of hungarian american von neumann- 

i am biassed -maths is what i postgrauated in cambrige maths lab dampt- while i am no steve hawkins i believe in  open data (not just machine intel )
as a human right- these days blockchain can make operational consequences of data smart real time without any more privacy risk that public servants misusing it

- america did rather well with giving japanese people a news start in 1945 and the part of germany that wasnt annexed by stalin- -and because my dad served in allied bomber command, i wouldnt exist without american peoples but that doesnt mean friends should not question each others blindspots; and as a stats guy i believe in grounded theory - the maths has never really failed me (except when it was my brain at fault) when people want system- innovation ideas on what communities most need to advance

 personally i wish repayment of that trust hab been such that by 2000 usa germany and japan could all have helped each other by the start of 21st century- thats on the basic things every community needs for next child born to have a good chance at life- as a mathematician anyone who tells me economist is always a zero sum game is quite frankly 1 delusional, 2 not someone my children need  advising white houses if they are to be the first sustainability generation

there is a different story about 2001- at a millennial dinner mrs steve jobs asked fazle abed why do you reserve all your knowledge on women empowerment for bangladesh; abed was only 5 years in doing any work at all beyond villages with no electricity no phones - but it was trus his japanese partners had forme brac internt in 1995- he responded some things will take me time because we have promised to deliver some huge projects in bangladesh and a bangla headquartered ngo can fund raise for international sdg networking ; so i need to find a headquarters without politics (where at least one of the parties surpresses women or those of minority colour) if brac is to go international but if an international fund can be set up bto franchise bracs girls schools in afghanisaan tat would be timely;; i dotnt have the figures on my desk at this moment but probably hundreds of thousands of girls were empowered by brac schools in afghanistan and at much less than 1% of the us budget; also around 2012 unesco set up a cultural summit where the aga khan and abed were 2 most respected muslim speakers and jack ma's town hangzoiu was moderating- i dont know why the aga khan did not look at whether muslim-wide intervention coud have increased the value of women in afghanistan

i do now that afghainstan is a landlocked nation - the hardesr to sustain if neighbors all turn against you or the world turns against all of them

i have visited 25 countries in asia but not afghanistan so i should stop -if you have a positive idea please comment or question me n bethesda MD

1995 afghanistan


Founded in 2002

In 2002, BRAC started its first international operation by venturing into Afghanistan. Since then, we have continued to play a significant role in the country’s development. We provide essential services and support in 95 districts under 14 provinces and hard to reach communities.
With support from the UK’s Department for International Development, our education project ensures secondary, higher secondary, technical and vocational education for over 49,000 girls. We work on systematic reform to improve access and performance of students, primarily through community based schools and hub schools after graduation. Our approach improves participation, raises awareness on gender equality and child rights, and encourages ownership of the community.
The Ministry of Public Health guides us in reducing the prevalence of malaria. We work with female community health workers to assist the government in improving access to quality health care, especially for new mothers and children.
We support social development projects in partnership with the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development through the Citizen’s Charter programme. We work with communities, as well as provincial and national level officials of the Ministry, to build their rural infrastructure. We are also building capacity through our BRAC Training and Resource Centre in Kabul. We train our staff, as well staff from other organisations in the public and private sector.



Population: 34 million (CIA World Factbook, 2017)
GDP per capita: USD 562 (World Bank, 2016)
People living below poverty line: 39% (ALCS, 2014)