Consequences what happens when America's richest programmer bill gates reviews Ezra Vogel- Asia-America's kindest connector.
.. Macraes' last 100 trips to Asia - they started with dad Norman Macrae teen serving in allied bomber command (today's Myanmar)-
The Economist became min diary of Norman Macrae's half century of asian trips from Myanmar 1943 on- we archive that at; connection of my 50 trips with 5 generations of my family in Asia only made full sense from 2001 and mostly
15 trips to Bangladesh thanks to interviews with Fazle Abed & friends 1 2 3 and young chinese scholars at his 80th birthday filled most gaps .. Asia trips 1 to 51 india -1-3 1984-2004; indonesia 4-7 (1982-1994) ; singapore 8-10 (1982-1992) japan (11-17) 1985-2013; thailand (18.19) 1984-1995 ; malaysia (20-21) ; 1993 korea (22-23); 1990-2017 bangladesh (24-39) 2007-2018;
dubai (40,41) 2015,6; qatar(42) 2017; china (43-50) 2016-2019 hong kong 51 (1996) like 7 members of my scotttish family tree i have enjoyed the huge privilege of learning more about advancing the human lot from the two thirds who are asian than my own race caucasian
...united ; ASIA/MIDDLE EAST: Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh & women, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Cyprus, Georgia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, North Korea, South Korea, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Lebanon/yemen, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, Myanmar (Burma), Nepal, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore-Asean, Sri Lanka, Syria, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Turkey, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, -eurasia, Russia- we list twice because most of its land is in asia but traditionally its capital and history is categorised as european....Mapping livelihood economics of two thirds of humans- in 1983 london scot james wilson started the economist as a newsletter of royal societies chattering classes- his initial goal ro end poverty and starv=ation in scotland and nearest islands london ruled over- 17 years later queen victoria sent wilson to calcutta with charter bank to end poverty wherever britain ruled over asia; sadly james died 9 months after landing of diarrhea; it took another 120 years before bangladesh, china and unicef taught every village mother how to cure diarrhea with a recipe of water sugar and salts; from this first open source health service, a billion women across the continent spent 1970-2020 ending extreme poverty - with the help of universities who knew fazle abed vest, at we track how/why the world used bangladesh as its lab for solutions that worked without access to electricity or any of the engineering that glasgow gave to the world from 1760; some people ask what happened to the economist mission- you can read 2nd editor walter bagehot's attempts to help victoria journey to commowealth at the english constituition; but progress was to slow to prevent the colonial eara where whites 15% designed world trade to exclude most of human development in the economist's 1943 centenary biography; at that tie my dad was teenage navigator in alied bomber command stationed in modrnday myanma; the east end of the bay of bengal opposite to calcutta's west end; what happened next to bay of bengal - yuo'd thnk kamala harris and berkeley let alone howard alumni would urgenrly follow coming from her mothers'schennai- in a hasty retreat from responsibility anywhere the british raj had rlued -india eas partioned; calcutta the superport of asoa's 19th century was assigned to india; the rest of the bay was given to pakistan to rule; it took 24 years for bangladeshi people to win back indepenence now the 8th most populous nation with less than zero capital; my father norman macrae mapped varios asian economic models from 1962 when he first surveyed hs war time foe japan - he named the model poorest villagers would need to network rural kensianism; while he named the win-win supercity/port model of tokyo capital belt roadtsrs; for the next 30 years those who saw the economist as the first viewspaper for debating globalisation exponentials were trewed to regular updates on every asian peoples progess or not in sharing these new economic modelsSustainability's last chance decade: Feb 2021 37th annual update- - thanks to hard work of asian motherhood, one billion asians have ended extreme poverty in the last 40 years - research shows human development's greatest lesson is not yet a curriculum in any western university -can you help change economists before year end summits in Glasgow 1 2 & Dubai -try applying Economist alphabet Ai Bank Child Diary Edu Food Green Health Inclusion scottish family's concern for development of two thirds of humans who are Asian goes bac 150+ years to founding of the pharmacy kemp's corner in mumbai to grandad's sir kenneth kemp's 25 years of mediation with gandhi leading to sir ken's last project wrining up the legalese of india's independence to my father's 40 years reporting asia's sustainability entrepreneurial revolution in The Economist; to his last article 20 years later on lessons from bangladesh needed to rectify the west's subprime disaster: japan's ambassador to dhaka helped aspiring youth journalists and others listen to sir fazle abed legacy debriefs - see our catalogue offering the most vital alumni networks youth can linkin if they are to celebrate being the first sustainability generation REFERENCES UN ENVOY EDUCATION -asia has proven to be greates champion of former uk prime minister Gordon brown -10 years un envoy edu links include A 1 2 lots of moving parts - some are very radical empowering new universities and apprenticeships - I have been tracking the for 5 years since being at un launch 2016 - can try and help with queries - if real summits return end 2021 hope to unite updates cop26 nov Glasgow and worlds largest edu summit allied to uae expo dec -meanwhile zooms can make connections

Thursday, December 31, 2015

8/18 update from bloomberg - Asia’s richest man spent the early few months of the pandemic raising more than $20 billion by selling stakes in his technology venture. Now, Mukesh Ambani is on a shopping spree. The Indian billionaire is looking to acquire several local online retailers to help expand product offerings, people familiar with the matter said, as he races to build his e-commerce platform and compete against Reliance Industries, Ambani’s oil, retail and telecommunications conglomerate, is in various stages of negotiations to either buy out or purchase stakes in Urban Ladder, an online furniture seller, Zivame, a lingerie maker, and Netmeds, which delivers medicine, the people said. There’s no certainty the deliberations may result in a deal, they added.

8/15/2020 jayati ghosh   related map unga74
is the first lecturer at the summer school being zoomed by unctad in geneva and the young scholars network founded by george soros- i see wikipedia mentions she was formerly at tufts

her keynote is titled why do we need to transform economics and how do we do it?

the only person i quickly recognise from osun is the bard economics professor jan kregel- he is speaking on wednesday on a session titled debunking myths about fiscal policy

ghosh is also returning to participate in the last panel of the week :concluding debate - neoliberalism is dead long live what?  
more links to ghosh
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Today marks the birth of one of India's finest citizens, eminent historian Mushirul Hasan. Jamia Millia Islamia was lucky to have him as VC - it is today's top university in no small measure due to his efforts. This endowment recognises his contribution.…
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Respect and birthday wishes for India's finest historian, Professor Irfan Habib, who turns 89 today. We cannot match his brilliance and erudition, but we can strive for some of his passionate commitment and unflagging energy. A continuing inspiration.
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Horrifying account by @mrajshekhar, of how the proposed EIA opens up a new era of potentially devastating environmental tragedies with massive human cost. Kalyug is definitely here.…
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Jayati Ghosh is professor of economics at Jawaharlal Nehru university, New Delhi.

can asian bankers and 2/3 humans save world?
part 1 summit update 2020
previously my family's connections with india by

india- my maternal grandfather as mumbai's chief justice mediated with gandhi over 2 decades- sir ken's last project ordered by london was writing up
legalese of independence of india subcontinent - how is india doing in ending poverty and mediating faiths- can jayati ghosh nehru uni tell us? the last time i went to india 2004- indira gandhi culture centre close to parliament was hosting 1000 gandhians discussing global reconciliation- there were a lot of ideas to write up but the next week the tsunami fit so that never happened 

india- my maternal grandfather sir kenneth kemp as mumbai's chief justice mediated with gandhi over 2 decades- sir ken's last project ordered by london was writing u[ legalese of independence of india subcontinent 


interesting phillanthropists hk singspore
india wipro
One study showed that more than half of all residents living in Mumbai slums may have contracted the coronavirus, compared with 16% of non-slum residents. Social distancing isn’t an option when you are sharing toilets and kitchens with scores of neighbors, and crowding around communal standpipes.

Developing economies are experiencing their sharpest contractions on record. In­dia’s shrank by almost one-quar­ter dur­ing the April to June pe­riod com­pared with a year ear­lier;  Peru’s shrank by one-third; Mexico’s by almost one-fifth. The World Bank projects that Covid-19 could push as many as 100 million people back into extreme poverty this year, about half of them in South Asia and most of the rest in sub-Saharan Africa. World Bank President David Malpass warned “that number could go higher” if the pandemic worsens, or drags on
am i correct to think the state of kamala's mother town chennai has a lot to mediate? - it isnt particular pro Hindi or muslim; youth there probably wish the bay of bengal would get back to the number 1 trading bay in the world which it probably was at the turn of 19th century befor britain took over the chinese coast to for tead trade which was ten percent of all britain's world trade needs

i still dont understand- did britain move calcutta to delhi because that was easier to continue ownership of india as opposed to trading reasons

of course north of chennai is bangalore- is there any explanation why this became hi-tech epicentre of india 

i note the other state to the south on the west side includes kerala which naila knows as the epicentre of amma; i have an impressions that kerala is often led in locally smartest ways

what i see of mumbai region is basically the stories of gandhi as he sailed 6 times between mubai durban and london; i understand its now the financial centre ; i believe tata corporation is probably the most exciting organisation in india - one i would love to connect with brac university 

these are just ignorant first stabs- on visits to brac i attended an event with peple expressing views from all south asua countries- i think sultan may know a lot morte - at that time he was at brac university- has previously studied i boston - is currently in sri lanka before returning to a us university next year- just as we need one non-partisan but pro-youth correspondent from different india states to co-edit a briefing to kamala harris we could extend that to neighboring nations? by all means lets make sure this is a girls view where different - if moocs were done properly this resource would be the start of a mooc of wins-wins between peoples communities and sharing sdg solutions they most need- why this didnt get started while jim kim was at world bank is beyond me- but we absolutely need to land this on kamala's desk- she will inherit the most divisive foreign intel ever - one which has never wanted india to see a united view of the region

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

“Samir understood that imperialism would retreat and the socialist transition would advance only on condition that the internationalism of workers and peoples progresses, in our minds as in our practices”, remembers Remy Herrera.

The state revenues are expected to fall severely following the pandemic induced economic slowdown. Thus, the centre has decided to renege on its commitment to the states, claiming that its responsibility ends with transferring sums.

The major sources of foreign exchange for Lebanon, tourism and remittances, have virtually dried up owing to the pandemic, causing currency depreciation, a massive external debt and ultimately a rampaging inflation.

“To have a law like the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA), under which a completely innocent person can be kept in jail for an inordinate length of time, is a negation of democracy”, writes Prabhat Patnaik.
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As the Covis-19 pandemic spread across countries, governments across the world have imposed lockdowns and taken other drastic measures to control the contagion. This has led to unprecedent shocks to the global economy, as economic activity has come close to collapse in many regions of the world, affecting both demand and supply.
The articles in this section analyse the economic processes in this still-unfolding story, analysing the effects on the economy and different segments, the policy responses and other proposals for coming out of this crisis.

WTO is Using COVID for its Expansionist Free Trade AgendaMurali Kallummal and Smitha Francis

Covid-19: Why is India doing worse than other South Asian countries?C. P. Chandraskhar and Jayati Ghosh

Asia’s Covid-19 Response and the Road to a Green RecoveryC. P. Chandrasekhar

The pandemic requires a different macroeconomic policy responseJan Kregel

Modi’s Covid-19 Policies make clear that in India some lives matter more than othersJayati Ghosh

Fight Pandemic, not Windmills of the MindAnis Chowdhury and Jomo Kwame Sundaram

WTO is Using COVID for its Expansionist Free Trade AgendaMurali Kallummal and Smitha Francis

As the world is reeling under the deaths and exponential spread of the COVID pandemic, the World Trade Organisation (WTO) is busy negotiating a free trade deal in electronic medical…

Debt Hawks Detract from Urgently Needed Fiscal Recovery EffortsAnis Chowdhury and Jomo Kwame Sundaram

Developing country debt has continued to grow rapidly since the 2008-2009 global financial crisis (GFC). Warnings against debt have been reiterated by familiar prophets of debt doom such as new World Bank chief economist, Carmen…

SAMIR AMINRemy Herrara

Conference on Work and Well-being in the 21st CenturyGender Links Cottages, Johannesburg, South Africa, 5 – 7 April 2019.

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